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How to Build Happy Relationships?

How to Build Happy Relationships?

How to build a happy relationship?

Each of us has tried many times to understand how to make our relationship with our loved one happy, strong, and lasting. Even though each couple is unique, new research has once again confirmed the fact that all couples who are satisfied with their relationship have something in common.

So how to build a happy and healthy relationship we will tell in this article.

Psychologists’ advice on relationships

Everybody is different, and every relationship situation is different, so you shouldn’t expect that there are 101 ways to build a happy lasting relationship. However, psychologists have identified several common tips on how to build a happy and healthy relationship:

  1. React to your partner

Research by Dr. John Gottman indicates that successful marriages are those where partners respond to requests for communication in about 86% of cases. Couples who divorce sooner or later do so only in 33% of cases.

If you want to build a happy healthy relationship, always pay attention to what your partner says or does. As studies show, it’s not that couples who broke up fought a lot – no, it’s that they showed very little affection and emotional reactions towards each other, and that’s what ultimately led to the destruction of the relationship.

  1. Appreciate and care for each other

The happiest relationships are based on two skills: the ability to find commonalities and to respect differences.

Partners who invest 100% in the relationship inevitably see each other mostly in a positive light. It doesn’t matter if they are next to each other or on different ends of the planet, they still think about the best qualities of their other halves and express their love in all available ways.

  1. Always put your relationship first

This means that if you want to build a happy healthy relationship the desires and needs of your partner mean no less than your own. Oh, this does not mean that you should satisfy them to the detriment of yourself. But you need to be able to listen to what your partner wants from you. He must know that their realization is very important for your happiness.

  1. Nurture love and respect

Happy couples have a sincere, deep appreciation for their partners. They not only love each other, but they truly respect each other, even during quarrels and disagreements (or maybe, especially during quarrels and disagreements).

  1. Become best friends

If you have all of the above qualities, then you will easily understand why people in happy couples sincerely believe that they could not connect their lives with a better person than the one they are with.

If your relationship is connected not only by love but also by true friendship, it will be able to withstand even a terrible storm. Pairs who have grown a true friendship between them are not afraid of trials, and sometimes they just laugh together right in their faces. A romantic relationship can be called full-fledged only when you can tell each other everything, from beginning to end – without secrets and lies.

  1. In case of conflict, always try to get to the bottom of its cause

Before happy couples move to active actions to solve common problems, they try to look at them from each other’s point of view. They realize how important it is to feel each other’s emotions before trying to tackle the problems themselves.

Looking for the formula of how to build a happy healthy relationship, scientists have concluded that long-lasting and happy are those relationships where love, respect, desire to satisfy the needs of the partner, common interests, romantic moments, and also kisses and hugs live:)