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How to impress your woman on the first date

How to impress your woman on the first date

What to Talk About on a First Date with a Girl?

The first date is a very responsible one because all your future relationships depend on the way you spend your time with a girl. You would better do your best and not make common mistakes like most men do. Wise behavior is your guarantee to impress your woman on the first date. However, first of all, you need to know what to talk about on the first date with a girl.

Before going out, you would better plan your date. Try to create a list of topics and questions you want to ask your partner. However, mind the balance not to turn your date into an interview. She must feel relaxed and with a smile on her face. If she does not smile, try to ask what is wrong with her or who might have upset her. In other words, you should act like a professional psychologist sometimes to show and prove to her that your intentions are strong and serious. 

In your company, a girl has to feel at home if you want to impress her and make her more interested and motivated to talk to you. Try to be ready to listen more than speak. Of course, it might be a hard thing to accomplish but your patience matters a lot during the first date. According to the data analyzed by scholars, men and women tend to express 16,000 words daily. It means that they both talk equally proving that it is a lie that women are more talkative. So try to mind the balance and let her express herself but speak as well. It is abnormal just to stay silent during the date and not talk at all. Dialogue is okay but not a monologue or a psychotherapy session. 

If you wonder how to kiss a girl on the first date, you should focus more on making her like and want you more, not only touching her lips. She must feel safe and secure next to you, not only as a sexual object because she has a soul inside.

Questions to ask a girl on a first date:

  • How was your day?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have a hobby?
  • Do you want to get married?
  • Are you thinking about the future?
  • Do you have friends?
  • Do you like reading books?
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • Do you like me?
  • Don´t you mind if I lead you home?
  • Did you like today´s date?
  • Would you like to continue?

We guess these are the basic questions each man has to ask his charming lady on the first date. You can be creative and ask for something extraordinary or personal to improve her mood. If you like playing jokes it is nice but do not transform into a clown or idiot for her to dislike you. Be a man who you are supposed to be but do not behave unnaturally because she may feel like you are talking not to her but to someone else.

So how to impress a girl on the first date?

Ask her something unique like no one else might have ever asked. She must feel special during the date and, in other words, the queen of the date. Therefore, you should not act like a fool because she will not have sexual desire for you then. You can impress a girl on the first date if you manage to behave like a man, just the way you are. Do not try to copy other men who seem to look masculine but develop your masculinity. For example, you may start to do it long before the date. Help other women to carry the bag, and open the door for a lady in your office. Just be a gentleman. Only then, you will develop a habit to treat your charming lady right the way she deserves it. So you will not feel guilty when the date is over.
The main question to ask a girl on a first date is a question about her status. Ask her whether she is single. Some girls might date a few guys at once, so beware and stay away from such girls even if you think that you are very masculine.

Tips on the first date with a girl:

  • Give her a hand when she gets out of her car
  • Open the door in front of her
  • Move a chair to help her take a seat
  • Pay for her
  • Give her a gift
  • Be grateful
  • Be gentle
  • Dress nicely

Where to take a girl on the first date?

Ask her about her favorite place in your city, town, village, or wherever. Be romantic and arrange everything in advance. Book a table and invite her to a specific place when you both are not busy. She will agree to date you one more time if you manage to make her dream come true. However, if you are so romantic when it comes to dating, remain romantic when you marry her as well.

Things to do on the first date with a girl:

  • Listen to beautiful music
  • Watch photos and videos together
  • Karaoke singing
  • Eat delicious food
  • Talk a lot

You may add lots of other fun stuff to this list according to the peculiarities of your charming lady and you. Make sure you both will like the date, so plan your date minding the interests of each other.

How to win a girl over on a first date?

You will win your girl over on a first date if you manage to intrigue her. Do not rush to jump into bed with her because you will have all your life to do it in the long run. Also, you should not tell her everything that is going on inside of your head because you might scare her. The best thing to say on the first date is to give her advice about her current issue. If she needs your recommendation on how to get a career lift, you should say words of wisdom to her, not just regular staff like every guy can tell her about everything and nothing at once.

Kissing a girl on the first date

So should you kiss a girl on the first date? It is rather weird that you are asking this question because people are not animals and it is not a matter of biological law whether to kiss a girl on the first date or not. Having sex on the first date is a similar issue. If you see that a girl is a promiscuous one and you only want to have sex with her, she will not mind kissing her on the first date. However, if you are looking more for long-term relationships, you would better get smart and use your brain.

If you wonder how to ask a girl on a first date, you should make sure she is interested in you before asking her, or else she will change her mind and will not come to date at all. Girls are like this. Before you invite her for a date, elaborate on a list of questions to ask the girl on the first date.

What to give a girl on the first date?

  • Flowers
  • Sweets
  • Jewelry
  • Photo frames
  • Something personal

When you ask a girl for a date, you can impress her by giving her something personal but do not give her money. It would be rude for some girls to receive presents like these because they might feel as if you buy them. However, some promiscuous women will not mind you giving money to them, kissing, hugging, and having sex with you right there on the first date, but why would you need them?

If you wonder where should I take a girl on a first date, ask her this question. There is no a kind of ideal place for every girl, but there is a perfect place to date specifically with your charming lady. You should get too creative about dating because some girls hate such guys who always try to impress more than love. 

Keep your mouth closed if you do not know what to say on a first date with a girl. Do not invent the wheel and keep her attention. If you feel like you lost her, it is time to change the topic and talk about something else.

What is the best place to take a girl on the first date?

Among the best places to take a girl on a first date are:

  • Mountains
  • Lake
  • Restaurant
  • Movie theater
  • Shopping mall

Note that girl on the first date might be as just nervous as you are, so do not make her life more complicated. Be a gentleman and offer her your helping hand. If you want to know how to greet a girl on a first date, you should not worry about it too much, just be you, and say something polite and sweet. 

Do not worry too much about what to bring a girl on a first date because the first date is not all about presents. Try to take care of her more instead. However, if you know what to give her, give. Also, you should not worry a lot about what to ask a girl on the first date because it is only the first time you spend together so she will not get too strict and critical about your behavior. 

It is very important to know your love language when you are going on the first date. Check out what your love language is and take a test. Good luck and have a great date!