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Is it natural to be polygamous?

Is it natural to be polygamous?

Polygamy for Men and Women: Is It Normal?

Many people still believe in a theory of evolution that claims that we evolved from monkeys. However, even monkeys are monogamous. Therefore, why do you still believe that it is polygamy for men seems to be normal? Let´s figure out whether it is true or false and what other scientists and researchers think about it.

According to William Reville, we are biologically inclined towards monogamy. However, if it is so, why do people keep on dating various partners? They do think that they are polygamous. What is more, almost none of the men does want to marry and create a family with a single woman. The vast majority of men are just looking for a partner and when they fall in love, they marry but do not think too much about the perspectives of such a relationship. Let´s be honest and admit that they just want sex and very few men are looking for more. Why does it happen?

Most men tend not to think too much about the future, raising kids, and building relationships. They just do not care about that stuff because they are in love. It might be difficult for men to keep on thinking logically when they are head over heels with someone. However, when feelings disappear, they face the reality that says that she is not the one for them because there are more beautiful women. Indeed, there are many pretty ladies around you, so why be loyal to a single partner? Maybe, polygamy for men is a normal thing?

At this step, each man undergoes a serious collapse and shaking in their mind. Some men begin to drink, some start to earn lots of money working hard and focusing on their duties while very few people begin to live a spiritual life and seek God. All these categories of men are men and they do want to be happy and in love with their partner, so what´s wrong with them?

Why do feelings eliminate one day and polygamy men start looking for other wives?

Feelings and emotions are a part of our soul and it is very difficult to control them over time. It is possible to compare them to the ocean waves that just come and go. So it is possible to assume that you might not always feel butterflies in your stomach and one day you will even start thinking that you do not love each other. What should you do then? A divorce is never an option for you because it is all about the heartbreak and pain that both partners experience. So what should a man do to prevent themselves from a possible divorce? The answer is simple: the best thing is to keep the flame of fire burning by putting some sticks into it. Once you keep your feelings towards your partner alive, you will always be in love with her, stop thinking about divorce, and never be one of those polygamous men looking for wives.

What Is polygamy for women?

There were so many battles between men and women where females wanted to defend their rights and prove to men and the world that they are equal. So why do many women think that polygamy for women seems to be okay? According to Karmak Bagisbayev, male polygamy and female monogamy are a myth. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that there is no big difference between men and women when it comes to loyalty and commitment.

Normally, it is so natural for women to be monogamous. There are many proofs of this theory. For example, there are many single moms in society and we rarely hear about single dads. The vast majority of men even if they are single tend to look for and find another partner that would replace their ex-beloved one.

Why is it so easy for most men to move on and find another lover?

Men are designed in the way they are constantly thinking about sex. The overwhelming majority of the thoughts each man has each day are all about intimate relationships. Unlike men, women tend to look more for harmony and spiritual intimacy. Ideally, if both partners get what they want in the relationship, both of them are happy.

It is much easier for men to get healed from a previous breakup because they might not have been connected on a level of the soul. In other words, they do not think too much about their exes, they just overcome it, make conclusions, and move forward, looking for sex with another partner which is different for women.

Women seem to be more committed to a relationship. They tend to suffer more and for a longer time after they had a heartbreak. It is very complicated for most females to recover and find strength and confidence if their self-esteem was destroyed. Especially, if a man abused her, she will have difficulty even looking at other men, not even talking about a relationship.

One may say that there are benefits of polygamy for women like new emotions, and material bonuses, but most women are looking for more than these. They want their partner to stay and be next to them every day. Also, society would judge such a lady that suddenly decided to be polygamous. Women are afraid of being gossipped and considered to be frivolous.

However, the vast majority of girls want to break the rules and enjoy the benefits of polygamy for women. Most of them do it when they are young and want to get new experiences. Society demands girls to be confident and pushes them to have as much sex as possible which destroys the soul of a girl. Such a lady might never forgive herself for being such a promiscuous person. Indeed, it is very difficult for such women to find peace and a man they have always been dreaming about and looking for in their life and relationship.

Why do men claim that polygamy is good for women?

To tell the truth, many men secretly just want to seduce women and they create their wicked schemes to change the way girls think. For example, if a charming lady seems to look very sexy, every man would like to date her. So he will say to her anything just to make her think differently and start to believe that polygamy is normal for women and sex on the first date is quite okay. So men just invent many ways to get closer to a beautiful lady because the desire for sex might be too tempting.

Indeed, some women are looking for polygamy intentionally. They do mean what they say and do. Such girls always change partners from time to time very often. Being loyal seems to be a nice joke for them. Of course, men disrespect them and use their way of thinking and living the way they want. It is impossible to talk about happiness and successful life if you have such behavior.

Also, women for polygamy seem to be mistreated in social circles. They never get true satisfaction from their unstable relationships. Unfortunately, men do and feel the same. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that all people are monogamous and that polygamy for men and women is not natural. However, you might have your own opinion still, we just wanted to help you make sure.

What should I do if I am a polygamous man or woman?

First and foremost, you would better analyze the way you felt after each breakup. Did you enjoy such a process of a relationship ending or you just treated it as shopping or going to a restaurant? Ask yourself what true love and commitment mean to you and whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or regular dating is enough for you because you are not looking for more. Be honest with yourself because no one is watching you and reading your thoughts.

Secondly, you should ask people who love you for their opinion and pieces of advice. Do they say that many partners are okay for you or do they say that you should find the one and only? Note that such people know you the best and if you feel they love you the most, you would better treat their opinion seriously.

Even if you think that monogamy is boring, we want to reassure you that it is not because it can be very funny to hang out with a single partner all your life and always discover something new in their character. So start your self-reflection and make some notes. Try to learn your personality and find the answers to your questions in you.