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What Does Loyalty Mean to You?

Some people are afraid of the word “loyalty”. They even think that men can’t be loyal. They even say that being polygamous is a normal thing for all men, but is this true? What if it is possible to be loyal and belong to a single partner for all your life, what would such people say then?

Indeed, being faithful is hard work. However, if you decide to be loyal to your partner, it would be much easier. The point is that being faithful is a matter of decision-making and everyone who wants to be loyal and treats such a quality as a positive one, will not betray their partner. Unfortunately, many men are deceived by the idea that all men cannot resist temptation and betray their wives which is sad.

Possibly, you might have met the old couples holding their hands on the streets when they passed you by. What about them? How did it happen that they keep loving each other for such a long period? Also, in movies, we see stories about love that is never-ending and dream to have such a type of relationship without potential partners, but we do not truly believe that it is possible.
Maybe, it is all only our fears and phobias telling us that we cannot be happy with just one partner. Let´s get rid of such thoughts and find out the main reasons for infidelity in men.

What are the main reasons for infidelity in men?

According to Crystal Raypole, there are 8 main reasons why men cheat. Here they are:

  • Anger or revenge
  • Falling out of love
  • Situational factors and opportunity
  • Commitment issues
  • Unmet needs
  • Sexual desire
  • Wanting variety
  • Low self-esteem

In other words, when a man is hurt and did not recover from his previous pain in a relationship, he is likely to cheat or if he wants to punish his ex-partner, he will not be loyal. Also, he may cheat when he thinks that he does not have a feeling for a partner anymore or has a better opportunity as he thinks to improve his life. When a man is afraid of the potential commitment or his expectations and needs are unmet, he might betray. What is more, according to Raypole, a man might cheat because he just wants more sex or believes he needs a variety of partners to feel happy and satisfied. The last but not least reason for infidelity in men is low self-esteem when he did not release his full potential as a man and tries to do it with a help of a new partner, as he is confirmed.

Most of these reasons are not reasons at all and it is possible to escape them. Let´s check out how you can cope with infidelity in men.

How to survive infidelity for men?

According to Laura Lloyd, it is possible to deal with infidelity if only you try. She describes 6 ways how to survive infidelity for men. Let´s review them now:

  • Work through your feelings
  • Don´t blame yourself
  • Don´t live in the past
  • Think about what you want
  • Take care of yourself
  • Don´t be afraid to ask for help

Coping with infidelity for men is not easy and takes time. When you learn how to deal with your feelings and healthily direct them, you will be fine. What is more, if you manage not to blame yourself each time you see an attractive woman and figure out the way to get rid of thoughts from your past, you will make solid progress. Just think about what you want and are dreaming about. Once you are doing it, try to take care of yourself more and love yourself more. If needed, you should not be afraid to ask someone to help you.

To tell the truth, being unfaithful is not only a drawback for all men. Women also suffer from it which means that it is a lie that only men cheat and think with the lower part of their bodies. However, the point is that it is possible to overcome infidelity, if only you decide to do it. If it is too risky for you and you think you will not be able to resist temptation and betray your partner when you are on a trip, you would better take her with you. Also, it is recommended to move as quickly as possible from a charming lady that wants to seduce you and looks so much attractive that you cannot resist a sexual desire and longing for her.

Even if you betrayed your partner, there is a way out. If you love her, you should apologize and apologize, first of all, yourself. Then, you may try to fix the relationship and do your best for your partner to forgive you.
So you should never give up and keep on loving yourself even if you think you are unfaithful. You can do it if you read it!