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What is love at first sight?

What is love at first sight?

Love at first sight is when you feel extreme affection for someone you see for the first time in your life. Once you meet such a person, you want to keep on seeing each other even if you do not realize that he or she is the one for you so far. You want to date them and hang out together. You do not want to lose such a person because they give you the feeling of being loved and accepted for who you are with all your strengths and weaknesses.

Indeed, when we fall in love at first sight, we tend to like each other and find out that we have been looking for each other all our lives. The feelings are growing over time and becoming stronger and stronger. However, both the partners only benefit from it and get upgraded in every aspect of their lives. Many people say that your success depends on the type of woman that is with you and they are right. 

Love at first sight supposes falling in love with the right person as long as your heart already knows whom to select but you both only need the right time and place to meet when you are ready for romance. Love at first sight is a wonderful feeling that is based on all the best qualities of humanity: care, mercy, goodness, kindness, understanding, loyalty, and wisdom.

Is love at first sight real?

It is real for sure. Many pieces of evidence and testimonials prove that love at first sight is real. Many people remember the first day when they fall for each other. They even remember the way they were dressed because the overall impression of each other was so huge. Couples share that they have always wanted each other but they understood it much later after they met each other. Fortunately, their heart has already known whom they are looking for and helped them to make the right choice. 

Also, the couples who managed to fall in love at first sight claim that their heart was rather slow to make the right decision with other possible candidates, but when the partners saw each other and talked, all the things became clear and they got to know that they were meant for each other.

Love at first sight is real and people tend to love each other, no matter how much evil is in the world. Love is a feeling that can overcome all the obstacles and wait for a long time being patient. It is not true, however, that love is blind. Would you love someone who does not look nice or take care of themself? Probably, you might feel sympathy for them, but not love as long as love is based on respect and acceptance. Love is a gift that you should be ready to accept and treat gently with wisdom.

Proofs that love at first sight is real

There are many books about love at the first sight. People keep talking about this phenomenon. Why do they do it? Because it exists. According to Theresa E. DiDonato, love at first sight is real, but you should consider the fact that we are likely to fall in love with beautiful people, not ugly ones. People are designed the way to follow beauty. We all have that sense and appreciation of beauty that we want to find in each other. If we find it, we fall in love.

In other words, each individual has his or her image of a beautiful woman and handsome man. We tend to latently look for such an image to be present in a girl or guy of our type. When we find all these features to be present in someone, here is when love at first sight becomes real. Often, we do not even realize that we are searching for a very specific type of guy or woman.

Do you believe in love at the first sight?

Ask yourself this question. Some may say that they believe in love at the first sight because they evidenced other people to fall in love with each other at the first sight. Therefore, they set an example to other people by telling and practically proving that love at the first sight exists. Some would argue about this fact saying that love at first sight is not more than just physical appreciation or so-called chemistry. However, most scientists prove that a love relationship is impossible without chemistry and some people who had blind dating tend to break up when they saw each other in reality because of their pheromones. 

Is it possible to say that if your partner smells bad, you will dislike him or her? According to Melissa Healy, you might even feel disgusted by a person with bad breath or sweaty body odor. So physicality matters as well and we would fall in love with a person who takes care of themselves sooner than with a person who does not do it.

Do love at first sight exist?

Love is a great power that makes people stay together. Love is a reason why people are born on earth. Even animals are committed to one partner if they find one. So you may conclude that animals fall in love as well. However, if we talk about animals, it is possible to say that they only have instincts. Still, we would disagree on this because animals tend to be loyal not only to their partners but to humans as well. Just think about the loyalty of dogs to humans. Indeed, sometimes animals are more humane than some people. Many people say that it was love at first sight after they married. Are they telling lies? We do not think so.

Love at first sight couples: Who are they?

These are people of courage to trust their hearts. Such couples tended to trust their inner feelings more than the ideas of society, telling that love at the first sight does not exist. Also, love at first sight couples are partners who managed to love each other and get healed from previous heartbreaks and made conclusions from past mistakes. 

These people are not hesitant is love at first sight possible anymore because they have already found each other. Love at first sight is possible only when you are ready for it, and these couples understood this rule. Sometimes you need time to make the right conclusions from your past, sometimes you should stop some relationships to find the woman or man of your dream. Learning to let go the relationships that have no fruits is better than suffering in them. 

Such couples no longer doubt that is there such a thing as love at first sight. They already enjoy it to the fullest and share their experience with others. However, not all of us have heard about such love stories that come from above but it does not mean that they do not exist.

Stories about love at first sight:

“I found her when we both were 18. She was so beautiful in that red dress that I could not take my eyes away from her. She said that she did not mind me leading her home. It was one of those warm summer evenings that I will never forget.” Mathew

“I believed in love at the first sight but I could not ever imagine that it would happen to me. I saw her eyes and they told me everything I wanted to know. That was the moment I fell in love.” Paul

“My father told me that love at first sight exists but I did not believe him. My wife changed my opinion when I noticed her smile at me. Since that day we were always next to each other.” Tom

Each love at first sight couple claims the same: they were ready to meet each other. They all agree that it was the right time for them to meet and start a conversation.

Is it possible to fall in love at first sight?

Some scientists who support the theory of evolution and are single would claim that love at first sight is impossible because they never managed to find it. However, we are more advanced regarding this question and hopefully believe that love at first sight exists, at least, for the vast majority of us. 

If you wonder what love at first sight feels like, we would answer that it feels like sweet honey that you taste with pleasure. If you are not allergic to honey, you might understand what it feels like to face love at the first sight. 

Looking for the answer to the question “Is there love at first sight?” you should not try to think with your brain, but believe in it with your heart. Your heart is not only an organ, but it also has a soul inside, so it is very important to trust it because it is who you are.

Can you fall in love at first sight?

Of course, you can. Anything is possible for those who believe. If you do not believe in it, you will not be able to accept it. So even if you face your potential partner, you will not feel anything because your heart might be closed. Open up your heart and get ready for your future love. Arrange your life in a good way so that you have peace of mind about it and become pleased with the way you live. Love at first sight is at hand, you only need to grab it and treat it as a gift from the above. 

If you wonder if love at first sight is true, you are on the right track. The best way to get the answer to this question is to experience love at the first sight in reality. Many happy couples had love at first sight and prove that it is true.

What is love at first sight lifetime?

Love has no limits and is eternal. So it is possible to assume that love will last forever which is good news. Some heartbroken people might argue that some stories of love are not love at all. There are many negative experiences each one of us might have, but you have to make the right conclusion and move on. Face your love at the first sight easily. You only need to get ready. 

With the love at first sight examples mentioned above, you might get just a hint of what love at first sight is. It is not a bundle of feelings and emotions that will destroy your life. On the contrary, these feelings and emotions will help you build your life the way you have always been dreaming about.

What causes love at first sight?

Love is like a tree: if you put it in good soil and water it, it will grow and become stronger and more beautiful. If you manage to prepare yourself for future love at the first sight and keep on searching for it, you will finally find it and be happy with your partner. 

Ask yourself “Do I believe in love at first sight?” What is love at first sight meaning for you? If you want to find the answers to these and more questions about yourself, you would better pass a quiz or test online. There are many interesting things for you to discover, if only you kept on taking the tests. 

Love at first sight is impossible to miss if only you know yourself well and are aware of the type of person you are looking for. Before you find her, you should get as confident about yourself as possible because all girls like confident guys who are aware of whom they are searching for. We recommend you take a test. Just check out what lover type you are and pass a test online! Have a nice day!