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Why Brains Matter in Relationships?

Why Brains Matter in Relationships?

What Is the Heart and Brain Relationship?

Have you ever wondered about the brain and heart relationship? If yes, good, if no, good as well. Now it´s time to think about how the heart and mind are connected. Often, we think too much when we feel lots of things and guess what should I do. Have you ever been in such a situation? Often, we might think logically too much and even overthink while the only thing we need is to follow our heart.

In this article, we are going to discuss the brain and mind relationship as well as figure out who should we listen to more: brain or heart. So, let´s go.

How the male brain works in relationships?

The researchers have scanned the male´s brain and figured out that it has a surge of dopamine when a man is in love. So when a man experiences a flow of energy, is obsessed, and focused very much on the object of their love, it means that his brain reacts to the object of his love affection.

Who is the leader: brain or heart?

It is up to you. If you follow your heart, you will not lose and if you follow your brain, you will not lose either. Ideally, the heart and brain are equal, but the heart is superior. You should guard it as much as you can as long as there might be many obstacles in life that might make you get upset or even cry. It may be difficult to listen to your brain when your heart is weeping. Therefore, you should make sure it is guarded to prevent any potential heartbreak.

How to guard my heart?

  • No negative words

You can protect your heart from any negative emotions it might experience. To do it, you should not let anything get inside of it that might ruin your peace. For example, you would better stay away from people who speak dirty words or use bad words to describe other people. To tell the truth, our words describe ourselves. So when you talk negatively about someone, it means that you have the same qualities as he or she does.

  • Treat money as a game

One more way to guard your heart is to never let money rule your heart. It would be better to say that money is okay but too much love for it might destroy your inner peace and makes you upset. It does not mean that you should not save money and be alert but it means that you do not have to be obsessed with money.

  • Use art

To guard your heart, you can also express yourself. Just express the way you feel. For example, if you feel bad, you can always draw a picture of that situation and name it with one word. Also, you may use your other talents to express yourself. For instance, you may try photography, singing, dancing, and other creative activities to express yourself. Do not get stuck in your emotions and let them out in a wise way. Only then, you will keep your heart and stay in a sound mind and body for the rest of your life.

  • Visit a psychologist

The unique way to preserve your nerves and avoid stress and heart attacks is by visiting a psychologist. They will help you to direct your thoughts and ideas wisely so that you will have the answers to all your questions spoken in your mouth. However, try to find a professional psychologist and read the recommendations and feedback about them online as well as testimonials and reviews.

  • Test yourself

The best method to guard your heart is to get to know as much information as possible about yourself. To do that, you can always take a test and pass a quiz we offer. You will not only have fun and enjoy every single moment of your activity but also get to know many interesting facts to include in your self-presentation when you meet a nice guy or girl you want to date.

Ideally, you would better try each of these methods to protect your heart, but trying even one method would be helpful too.

Do brains matter in relationships?

Brains matter in relationships, According to Dr. Stieg, neurosurgeon-in-chief at New York-Presbyterian, Weill Cornell Medical Center says that ¨romantic love is made of lust, attraction, and attachment, and each component is handled by distinct brain systems¨. To sum up, there is a brain behavior relationship with heart. So you should mind your logic and direct your emotions with the help of your brain when you are in love. If you just follow your heart only, you might end up in a crash.

Each positive and successful love story is a result of a combination of and connection of the brain with the heart. Of course, you should listen to your heart as the famous song says but minding your brain will help you reach more romantic goals and avoid several heartbreaks and disappointments.

Why do I need to test myself?

To know what is going on inside of your heart, you are recommended to take a test and find out your heart condition. It would be better to manage the way your heart feels right now instead of visiting a surgeon in the aftermath. To help yourself get over many daily situations and conditions, you would better learn your heart. Here you go with the test to help you to do it.

Go ahead and pass the interesting life test right now, friend!