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6 Tips To Make Your Conversation Insanely Attractive For Girls (Even If You Are A Confirmed Introvert) according to Bobby Rio

The world-renown dating coach, Bobby Rio, rolls out in his video 6 traits to get a conversation with women going successfully.

It is believed that being an introvert means to always lose out to an extraverted guy who holds all the cards in communication with girls. But it turns out to be a great myth that the author dispels.

You don’t actually need to be extroverted to get acquainted with the girl you like and start an easy-going chat with her. Look, you don’t need to own the room, you need to approach a particular girl and practice the tips that we summarize in the following:

  1. Keep her entirely “in the moment”: it means to be fully into communication with her, without getting distracted by how it looks from outside, how other guys evaluate it, what your chat will culminate in etc. Show her genuine interest to her and she’ll soon catch it up.
  2. Turn your conversation into a game that you are playing back and forth: add up more fun and flirt to it, make it easy and natural.
  3. Don’t hide your sexuality, meaning that you have your male identity that has carnal leanings, apart from spiritual. It’s neither about being obscene nor about showing that you are only interested in her as in a smart interlocutor.
  4. Accept her femininity, that she is a sexual being who may express it.
  5. Keep a spotlight on both of you during a conversation.
  6. Escalate things forward, that is – do not slow down too much, get a conversation to the next levels: ask her for a date, offer a cocktail, take her phone number, etc. It’s a surefire indicator of your intentions.

You’re much better off being a confident introvert who knows how to strike up an easy-going conversation, who is laid-back and happy with his nature, than feeling the need to show off and pretend to be an extravert. Indeed, you might seem clumsy and hilarious being an introvert who goes out of his way to seem an extravert.

Keep in mind that attractiveness is attractiveness no matter what personality type you are. Girls do not expect you to be spectacular or to impress them with some remarkable facts or actions, they just want you to be good enough to go on with you.

For watching the author’s video, click here.

P.S. Extroverts, if you don’t usually practice these tips for an attractive conversation with the girl you like, take them into account as well:)