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Online Communication: Virtue Or Vice? Read Relationship Expert’s Verdict

1) International online dating is in most cases exactly what you’re looking for in real life. 

When you’re set for a commitment, you’ll find the partner with the corresponding values. When your goal is a one-night stand in daily life – you’ll succeed in temporary hookups online. Why so?

The online society serves as a reflector of the way we interact with people offline. It’s rather amusing how we project actually acquired communication patterns and strategies in the digital space.

In fact, we keep our identities, we like or loathe pretty much the same, our values don’t change, we prefer certain types of people. The only thing that’s different – is the space where people meet.  

Humans have hardly changed but means of interaction with the modern world have significantly altered our lifestyles. Actually, our needs remain as they were before – love and acceptance, care and respect, understanding and devotion. 

“What matters the most is who you are looking for, rather than where you are doing it”, Lilia concludes.

2) People could be happy together if they managed to defy stereotypes that online dating is a stigma or a scam. 

“Before I start working with my clients on finding a compatible partner, we have to beat an outdated but poisonous preconception that virtual dating is something disreputable”, Lilia states.  Some people are keeping their online presence off the radar. Some are hoping for a stroke of luck each time they go out. Essentially, we are afraid of something new and have rigid looks, we are dissatisfied but still avoid creating changes in our lives. 

What about scam? “When you meet a person offline, are you sure they are not lying? You know it only when you become closer. The same in the online world. Connect via video – that’s a good way to grasp the situation”

Why is online dating better than the Cupid’s blueprint? 

  1. Online dating provides access to the enormous dating pool. There are many more potential partners than you could ever be lucky to find in your daily life. In fact, online communication simulates the model of real life, but in a more concentrated way. As in the offline world, you come across various personalities. But it’s much easier both to connect with them and part ways if you are not compatible. 
  2. Online services offer matching assistance based on your personality type, values and preferences. By the way, shared values – are one of the key factors of the happily ever after. 
  3. Virtual communication provides more knowledge about your potential partner before you meet in person. It requires less time commitment, takes less risk, and is excellent for busy people.

Finally, Lilia notes that: 

“If you’re looking for a committed relationship, be for whatever works to find it. I can share my top 5 of the dating venues that my clients successfully used for finding their Special Someone”:

  1. Match 
  2. YesDates
  3. Eharmony
  4. OKCupid
  5. Hinge

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