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How Emotionally Dependent Are You?

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Why Each Man Should Pass an Emotionally Dependent Test?

People get very manipulative nowadays and the less naive you are, the better. To avoid several potential manipulations, you are recommended to take the emotionally dependent test. Every time you feel that someone else just takes advantage of you is a sign that you might be very emotionally dependent. The sooner you understand that is a kind of imprisonment, the better. It is very difficult to become emotionally independent sometimes. As long as in some cases your relatives or friends might take advantage of you, you might learn to fit into this model and keep of doing the same mistakes.

You might be sick and tired of that but you just do not know how to step out of this vicious circle. If you take the emotionally dependent test, at least, you will be aware of the truth about yourself. It is very good to know all your weak points sometimes, even better than focusing on your strengths.

What are the signs showing that you are emotionally dependent?

  • You often need someone to talk to.
  • You feel bad when your friend or partner has no time to keep in touch with you.
  • You chase some people and keep calling them even if they do not want.
  • You often feel lonely when you are alone.
  • You often have mood swings.

What should I do if I am an emotionally dependent person?

The vast majority of the population nowadays is emotionally dependent. However, most of them do not realize it while others realize it, but cannot cope with it. The best way to cope with emotional dependence is by facing your biggest fear. The biggest nightmare of such a person is the phobia of being dead alone. Some people think that this is the worst thing that might happen to one.

Moreover, each fear is based on the phobia of death. Nobody wants to die, of course, which is normal. But it is also okay to get ready for it. If you think too much about your possible death, then, it is time to take the emotionally dependent test and then, if needed, visit a doctor.

Why is it so dangerous to be emotionally dependent?

First of all, it ruins your whole life. Secondly, it destroys the lives of other people. All people are born to be free and enjoy freedom, but how can they enjoy freedom if you keep on chasing them?

To add more, some people get so egoistic that they even do not mind our limits and borders. They keep on crossing them regularly just to take energy. If you notice that you cannot live without some person and even think that you will die, it means you are emotionally dependent.

How to get rid of this habit and become emotionally independent?

One of the best methods to avoid being emotionally dependent is to stop socializing at all for some time. It might be a day, week, month, or even year. Just treat it like an illness because it is a deviation from the norm. If you think that some of your friends influence you badly, you would better delete their phone numbers and delete them from your friends’ list on social media. The main reason for being involved in a bad company and becoming alcohol or drug addicted is based on emotional dependence.

How to test might level of emotional dependence effectively?

All you need to do is to answer 16 questions about you and your partner. Even if you are in love with someone, you should not be emotionally dependent on them. So do not hesitate and take the emotionally dependent test right now to make sure whether you are okay or not. Ask your lover to help you cope with this drawback in your behavior and not to get mad at you when you train yourself to be less emotionally dependent.

Go ahead and take the emotionally dependent test right now and be free as a bird!


How Emotionally Dependent Are You?

Will you refute the fact that you sometimes tend to feel an irresistible attachment towards a particular person? Do you feel obsessed over this ideal someone? Most of us can be labeled as emotionally dependent. Naturally, we develop a strong attachment fist to our caregivers, and later to friends, lovers or other people significant for us. So far, so good until we get absorbed by this state and become unable to maintain a healthy relationship. We no longer deem it possible to have personal space, boundaries or interests. You’d probably insist that this is about true love and trust, but we’d argue that this is about emotional emptiness you try to fill with a person beside you. A lot of questions in this test revolve around parent-child relationships and help to define your predisposition to it. Take this test to identify how prone you are to emotional dependence and how to prevent its destructive impact. Agree or disagree with the following statements choosing "yes" or "no".