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Are You Craving For Relationships?

11 Questions

How Badly Do You Want a Relationship?

Each one of us might feel lonely from time to time. Some people even feel lonely even in the crowd. However, feeling lonely is not a sign that you need a relationship right now. Of course, you may compare being lonely to being hungry. When a person is hungry, they will like to eat some food. Nevertheless, it is not the same if we talk about relationships.

Often, just small talk to someone is enough without dating and any romantic experience. So you will not need to find somebody to love each time you feel lonely. Sometimes, you might just need a person to listen to you. For example, you can fulfill this desire by talking to your family member, or friend, reading a book, or texting someone. Not always you should start a relationship with someone.

The vast majority of men do not understand it and try to find a girl to hang out with. It is not bad to date a girl, but why should you date someone if you do not really like her? Also, why will you keep in touch with a lady that is just a good listener, but not beautiful or smart or everything at once?

The signs showing that you crave a relationship:

  • You think too much about your perfect match.
  • You sleep too much dreaming about Her.
  • You do not want to talk to your friends anymore.
  • All your exes seem to be ugly for you.
  • You are excited about finding your true love.

When is it time to have a relationship?

Sometimes the brain is very slow and does not connect to what your heart wants. For example, your heart might be looking for a sexy lady, but your brain says no to you and stops you. Is it normal? It is, but it means only that you should wait until both your heart and your brain say yes equally.

When you have a combination of positive answers in your heart and mind concerning the specific person, it means that it is time to move on and start a relationship. Try to slow down for a while if you lack one of the answers.

It does not mean that your parents and friends should advise you on something. You might hear them, but not always listen to them if your heart does not want what they want you to d. It is your life, so why does some third party decides what you should do in the next part of your life?

How to crave relationships less?

Sometimes, it is not easy to cope with all your emotions and feelings. You might crave a relationship so badly that you might even go crazy. Instead of going insane, find someone to express your emotions and feelings. If you crave a relationship very bad, it is a sign that you are alive and it is time to find someone. If you are sick and tired of being lonely, maybe, you would better find a nice girl now.

It is important to say and be heard. So if you feel alone, you should not close and separate yourself from the world. Just go to the public place, drink some coffee, dress to impress, and perhaps, you will meet her.Before you decide whether to start a relationship, you would better take a test and find the answers to your questions. Just answer 11 easy questions and find out from the test whether you want to date someone or not.

Wish you good luck and enjoy the process of passing the test!


Are You Craving For Relationships?