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Is Love A Madness For You?

12 Questions

Is It Okay to Be Crazy in Love?

Love is a combination of different feelings. Madness is one of such components of love. True love contains various aspects and being a little bit crazy seems to be normal. No matter how old you are, sometimes you are expected even not to act like a normal guy. The reason for such expectations from the opposite sex is that a harmonious relationship requires passion. Not all so-called normal people are passionate. Some men are really cold and do not want to express any feelings and emotions which is not funny at all. It will be never interesting and fun to negotiate and hang out with such people.

At least, 1% of madness in love is welcome and okay. However, if you want to check whether you are mad in love or not, you would better take a test and answer 12 easy questions. Psychologists that designed these tests will help you get answers to most of your questions concerning love & relationship.

What is the difference between madness and passion?

Madness is when a person cannot control their thoughts and feelings. Passion is when a person can do it, but not completely. Especially, if it comes to sex. The more passionate person is, the better sex partner she might be. It is very important to be able to differentiate an insane person from a passionate one. Sometimes, the difference is hard to see.

What is passion?

Passion is a guarantee of good sex life if you have intimacy. For example, if your charming lady is passionate about her job, it means that 99% she will be hot in bed. If she is rigid and bitter, and always sarcastic about other people, maybe, she has issues and needs to visit a psychotherapist.

Being passionate in whatever area of your life is a nice sign. First of all, you become a more interesting person and life seems not to be torture for you. If you compare your life journey to your relationship journey, you might find many things in common. For instance, if you are a loyal man in whatever things you do, starting from making your bed in the morning and finishing with managing a multi-dollar company, it is guaranteed that you will be 99% devoted in a relationship.

Love is impossible to exist without passion. Passion is impossible to exist without madness. So if you think that you are a little bit crazy in love, there is nothing wrong with you. However, you would better take a test just to make sure.

Why is it mad to continue a relationship sometimes?

The test we are going to introduce you to is based on the principle of your feelings. If it is okay for you to be in love with someone and suffer it does not mean that it is a normal thing for another person. Some people just like to suffer and think to believe they learn something through such lessons. Partially, they are right, however, but the tests will show you the exact answer to your questions.

Sometimes it is recommended to stop suffering and not date someone who abuses you, for example. Pain is abnormal and you would better find someone who will respect, love, and care about you, but not hurt you.
If you think that this time has come, feel free to pass our test and get all the answers to your potential questions you might have.

Is Love A Madness For You?

Is it like a powerful drug you can’t get enough of? Each time you get a crush, all the meanings in life come down to a single person? It’s a red flag of a possible borderline state called infatuation. Though there is no such diagnosis as love addiction, in fact, it poisons life and makes you absolutely unmanageable for yourself. Where is this all coming from? Our mind is infected with the idea that true love is tantamount to suffering, pain, torment. In reality, it is called neurosis and has nothing to do with a fulfilling and healthy relationship. Define if you are love addicted by taking this test! Agree or disagree with the following statements choosing “yes” or “no” answers. Questions relate to your relationships with people of the opposite sex. Even if you do not currently have a partner, recollect your experience of previous relationships. Be honest with yourself to get the true result.