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Am I Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, or Just Bi-Curious?

Am I Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, or Just Bi-Curious?



Pros & Cons of Being an Ally


  • You will get to know more details about the life of being gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual from the inside.
  • Your social circle will expand and you will be able to communicate with a larger number of people who think in an unordinary way.
  • You will stop being afraid of typical gender expectations and roles.


  • You will be a constant object of criticism and discrimination by people who might not even try to love you and understand.
  • You might suffer a lot when your partner leaves you because it would be difficult to replace them and wait until the wound in your soul gets healed.
  • There might be lots of problems with your health and the risk of getting infected with AIDS is huge.

You see that the number of benefits and disadvantages of being an ally is equal. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth dating this or that person but you would better take into account both sides. Is it worth being an ally or it would be better to find a reason why you are thinking this way with a psychologist, it is up to you as well. We are here to speed up this process and help you clarify your current status with the help of our test.

What are the typical questions you may ask?

  • Am I a Heterosexual?
  • Am I a Homosexual?
  • Am I Bisexual?
  • Am I Bisexual or Gay?
  • Am I Straight or Bisexual?

Let´s try to find the answers to these questions and understand your soul and sex desires from the deep end. So let´s start with the first one:

Am I Heterosexual?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Maybe, it´s time to do it and finally, check out who you are due to your sexual orientation. Do you want to be with men or women or you cannot take your eyes away from both? Imagine yourself on a desert island: would you like to be there with a boy, a girl, or both of them? Why? Let´s find out whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or bi-curious.

Having sex with the opposite sex seems to be attractive for you? You should not think the world of yourself and get proud too much because you might still behave as a homosexual or bisexual. It is your behavior and habits that define your social orientation in society. In other words, people will treat you as a homosexual if the vast majority or all of your friends are of the same sex. It will be very hard to resist the mainstream of public opinion about you and remain heterosexual finally.

How do I know if I am a heterosexual indeed?

To make sure about your sexual orientation, you would better pass am I heterosexual quiz. Once you take this am I heterosexual test, you will be free as a bird. You will be aware of your true feelings about men and women, whom you want and whom you would not like to have sex with. This quiz is for you to make the final decision about your true personality that you might be hiding in the dark shadows of your soul. Step out from the darkness and reveal the truth about yourself with the help of this super easy quiz.

Let´s pass to one more question that you might have about yourself:

Am I homosexual?

Do you like talking to people of the same sex? Are you dreaming to spend a night with them in a hotel? Fortunately, you are allowed to face the truth about yourself and get all the answers to the questions that disturb you. Pass am I homosexual quiz and find it out whether you like to spend your whole life with a certain person of the same sex. Do you want to have kids? Do not you mind a lavender marriage?

Even if you think I am not a homosexual, still, you would better pass the test. This am I homosexual test will help you open your eyes to your true inner desires. According to Jacques Balthazart, it is a prenatal endocrine environment that influences the choice of people about wanting a representative from certain sex. It means that it is all about your hormones that direct you through your life and make you do certain choices. It is not a matter of your will, to sum up. It is possible to assume that people are partially animals if it is their instincts that define their behavior, right?

So what is the difference between human beings and animals then if it is their hormones that make them both choose the specific partners? People have free will and they can make up their minds and they are not naturally predetermined and predefined to love certain sex.

Why do I need am I a homosexual quiz?

If you wonder am I homosexual or bisexual, you are strongly recommended to pass this quiz. You will know for sure whether you love men, women, or both, or you are not sure but are just curious. Anyway, the results of how homosexual am I test will astonish and entertain you. Maybe, you just think or behave like a homosexual person, but are not a homosexual one. Often, your friends or colleagues might drop hints saying that you are a homosexual. If you think ¨I am a raging homosexual¨, there is a nice way out for you to get more confident about yourself and understand your motives better.

When do you think ¨How do I know if I am homosexual?¨, you can always check out the signs that are telling you about that. You can easily answer the questions am I homosexual quiz and get rid of all doubting thoughts that bombard your mind. Stop hesitating and face the truth. The process of taking am I homosexual test is very interesting, fun, and engaging.

If you have more questions or think that you are a bisexual person and want to make sure, start by reading this:

So am I a bisexual man?

If you think that you like both men and women, you should not punish or fight with yourself. Also, you do not have to let other people judge you. Bisexuality is such a way of thinking when you feel that you want to have sex either with girls or boys or both. Many people stay away from bisexuals because they believe they are perverted people and dangerous. However, they are still, human beings. It does not matter whether you are gay or lesbian or a thief or a corrupt person. Nobody is perfect in this world and no one has a right to judge you except God even if you think you are a bisexual person.

The point is whether you are ready to feel lots of pain and rejection from society for your choice. Is it worth dating a person of the same sex and getting fired from your job? Are you ready to suffer? Is it worth suffering for a person who does not seem to love you sincerely and from their all heart? Think about that.

Why will I need am I bisexual quizzes?

Quiz am I bisexual will help you clarify many things about yourself and sort them out. With the help of am I bisexual test, you will be able to have a clear view of your personality priorities. You will see yourself from the side and get the analysis of your preferences about who you are by professional psychologists.

If you think ¨I am a bisexual man¨, you do not have to be so proud of yourself because you might be wrong. According to Kristina Marusik, many bisexuals end up in straight relationships. So being bisexual is not a condemnation.

Being sure am I bisexual for men is very important. Pass am I bisexual quiz for males and get the verdict from the experts. Note that even experts might be wrong about you but they are 99% right.

If you already practice being bisexual or gay, but deep inside you are thinking about turning back to being straight, you would better check the following aspects out:

Am I straight or bisexual?

You are indecisive. If you doubt ¨Am I straight or bisexual?¨, it means that you have difficulty making up your mind. On the one hand, you like men. On the other hand, you like women. On another hand, you like them both but something deep inside of you is telling you that you are straight. Is it about you?

Doubting is okay but doubting for all your life and never being able to make up your mind is a huge mistake. You would better pass am I straight or bisexual quiz to understand your top priorities and sexual desires in bed. With the help of this am I bisexual or straight quiz, you will get to know lots of interesting things about your personality cravings and romantic interest.

Am I bisexual or gay?

Asking ¨Am I gay or bisexual?¨, you want to understand who you are and whether you love men or women or both, and again make the final decision. Start with am I bisexual or gay quiz to find the answers to all the questions that come up to your mind.

What is the main reason why people decide to become an ally?

According to Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., the main motivation for allies is the desire to become the helper heroes for the disadvantaged group members. In other words, by changing your sexual orientation you offer your helping hand to a representative of the LGBT community. It means also that this community might just take advantage of you giving you nothing back. Is that what you are looking for? Do you want to be used and thrown away into the trash once your ¨friend” finds someone else whom he or she wants more? Is it worth changing your sex to please them and be left brokenhearted?

Are LGBT people happy?

According to the survey by Mieke Beth Thomeer and Corinne Reczek, sexual minorities are less happy in comparison to different-sex couples. It is possible to assume that a traditional family is a better option to choose instead of being unhappy and crying at night alone because of being left by a same-sex partner.

If you are looking for giving support to others, and help them, maybe, it is not necessary to change your sexual orientation and become gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Perhaps, it is worth figuring out your real motives and feelings about a certain person and not making such radical decisions.

What if I want to turn back to being straight?

You can do it. No matter how your gay friends would treat you or even if they will reject you and start to discriminate against you back, you should not worry about that too much because you are already on the right way. The LGBT community is just another community that has its drawbacks. You can find friends anywhere in the world and change your life completely without letting anybody know about your current sexual orientation status.

Ways how to escape LGBT relationships that only ruin your life:

  • Leave social media groups where you usually hang out with those people you do not want to keep in touch with anymore.
  • Delete all the phone numbers and block all the potential seducers that might try to change your mind. Possibly, you might even change your phone number.
  • Visit a psychologist you trust and share your thoughts with. It is not necessarily that he or she will help you, but at least, you will express your ideas aloud which is a step forward.
  • Pick up a hobby and start writing down your thoughts and ideas in a notebook. Doing something creative and deep reflection will help you escape negative thoughts.
  • Rest more and try to find the peace that you might have lost so long ago. Doing something kind to people around you will help you step out of the darkness that might surround you.

Life can change completely if only you choose the right path. It is not necessarily will be easy but it is the best one! Test yourself right now to do a step up!

Am I Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, or Just Bi-Curious?