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Do girls find you attractive?

Do girls find you attractive?


Do Girls Like Me?

It is a very common question that many guys ask. Is it worth thinking about whether all girls like you or is it better to find the one that finds you attractive and whom you choose to be the most attractive for you? All girls are different and some of them might find you attractive but they are not attractive to you. In this guide, we are going to help you find the most attractive girl and enjoy being attracted to each other. We guess you are not looking for being popular for many, but attractive for your one girl, is it right?

Think about what girl do you find attractive and ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I looking only for a sexy girl or do I want something more than sex?
  • Is a particular girl my type?
  • Do I like her attitude towards me?
  • Do I want her?
  • Does she remind me of my mother?
  • Is she stupid or smart?
  • Can I name 5 reasons to start dating her right now?

What do you find most attractive in a girl?

Mention your top priorities in a girl. For example, you might be looking for:

  • Beaty
  • Money
  • Pieces of Advice
  • Care
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Sex
  • Help
  • Words of Appreciation
  • Praise

Ask yourself what you really want in your ideal girl. Once you figure it out, you will find a girl that will find you attractive as long as she will be attractive to you. Try to focus on the qualities you are searching for in your girlfriend. Think about what can you get from these relationships and what can you give. It is difficult to love someone who does not like you, this is the main point.

How to figure out whether girls find you attractive?

Notice the reaction of girls when you hang out with them. Are they happy? Do they smile a lot? It is good to be popular among girls and all ladies dream about a guy who feels pleased and joyful in your company. Girls might like you and you may be at the center of their attention (Here is when you should put a gold medal on your neck).

If you want to be happy indeed, you should concentrate on one girl, not many, to make her interested and build trust. Of course, if you are not dreaming about many partners to have sex with.

So how do girls behave if they find you attractive?

  • They play jokes with you
  • They flirt
  • They want to touch you
  • They laugh at every joke you say
  • They move sexy to make you interested
  • They dress to impress you
  • They often drop ambiguous hints

The ugly truth is that girls might find you attractive, and want you, but you might not want them. Therefore, before you found a girl whom you find attractive and who finds you attractive. Mutual love is your guarantee to be happy in your life. So, find the right girl who thinks that you are Mr. Right for her…

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Do girls find you attractive?