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Gay, Bisexual, or Straight?

Gay, Bisexual, or Straight?


Do You Want to Know Are You Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?

So gay, straight, or bisexual? All people might question whether it is normal to feel sexual desire for men or women. Often, they start to analyze themselves logically so much that they lose the feeling of reality. People get confused trying to figure out what might be wrong with them if they have feelings for a certain person of the same sex. Let us help you understand your feelings and tell you whether you are gay, straight, or bisexual.

First of all, you should name the feeling you have for a specific person. Is it love, hate, or desire to touch or be embraced and kissed? Does this person resemble you someone or do you feel like you are in a company of a person you have known for years but lost contact with? Was it your friend, mother, or relative of the same sex? Maybe, you have some unsolved conflict in your life with this person but craving for love as well to be received from this person.

What if I had a conflict with a person of the same sex in the past?

It is okay, you are not guilty and no one is going to blame you for that. If you feel like you no longer want a person of the opposite sex but are thinking about whether you are gay, or bisexual and doubting your straightness, you are not alone. There are many girls and boys, men and women who live their whole life questioning whether they are gay indeed. It would be better to avoid unnecessary relationships to prevent your soul from potential heartbreak.

Try to isolate yourself in a certain place and write down all the feelings you have for a certain person of the same sex in your early childhood or with a few people, depending on your situation in the past. Try to create a dialogue between you now and that person from the past. Do you still hate him or her, or them? How would you react to their behavior now if they behaved the same way they did in your early childhood? Do you still worry about that situation? Does it matter today?

According to Nslkan Alkan, there is no such phenomenon as ¨gay¨ or ¨straight¨ gene. In other words, people are not born with the sexual desire for a specific sex. Naturally, all people are equal but they decide whether to love men or women. Another question is which way they would choose.

Will I be happy if I change my sexual orientation?

What do you think? Why people who want to change their sexual orientation and become gays, lesbians, or bisexuals should consult so many doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.? It is because changing sexual orientation is not easy and might transform your life upside down and radically. It is not a challenge to change sexual orientation and it is absolutely available and even affordable nowadays.

Signs telling you you are straight:

  • You like some representatives of the opposite sex.
  • You want to have kids.
  • Some straight couples inspire you.
  • You are a fighter for equality in rights between men and women.
  • You would like to change the way you feel about a certain person who broke your heart even if you do not know yet how to do it.

Signs telling you that you are gay:

  • You cannot cope with your emotions.
  • You want to prove to your ex that you were not hurt.
  • You think too much about your ex and often go back to your memories in past.
  • You have an unresolved conflict with your parent.
  • You are afraid of the way the world will treat you when it knows that you were hurt.

Signs telling you that you are bisexual:

  • You hate your parents.
  • Your close friends left you when you needed it so much and it still hurts.
  • You want to punish your enemies.
  • It is difficult for you to make a decision.
  • You are very intelligent but do not know how to use your intellect.

These are only a few signs that might drop you a hint about your real state of sexual orientation. If you pass a straight, bisexual, or gay quiz, you will answer more detailed questions concerning your sexual orientation to have a clearer view of yourself. The point is that before you make a serious decision about your future behavior, you would better take a test and get ready to know whether you need to encounter the repercussions of your choice no matter which one it will be or it would be better to find the way out of the conflict mentioned above and live happily ever after.

Why pass am I gay, bisexual, or straight quiz?

Before you finally decide whether you want to be gay, bisexual, or straight, we recommend you pass the test. It is your way out to find the true answers about yourself if you still doubt. This bisexual, gay, or straight quiz will open your eyes to your inner sexual cravings. Thanks to this awesome gay, bisexual, or straight test, you will figure out where you are right now and where you want to be. Note that nobody is going to impose their opinion on you. Am I bisexual, gay, or straight quiz will help you understand yourself better and accept yourself the way you are.

Go ahead and pass are you gay, straight, or bisexual quiz right now, and feel free to choose the right way!

Gay, Bisexual, or Straight?