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How Attractive Are You On The 1-10 Scale?

How Attractive Are You On The 1-10 Scale?



Why Find Out How Attractive Are You?

There are many reasons why you need to know how attractive you are to society. Especially, you might be interested in how attractive you are to a female audience. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you boost your confidence and expand the pool of potential lovers. If you want to be happy with your beloved one, of course.

Men who would like to date a girl should make her interested. Before doing this, they should know what things to highlight the most. For instance, it might be your income, social status, style, and attitude that might make a specific girl interested in and want you. Not all girls like rich men and not all girls like ugly men. Ideally, it would be better to work on your weak sides and strengthen them to date a girl you like.

Why take how physically attractive are you quiz?

To know how attractive you are to the opposite sex, you may take the how attractive are you quiz. This how to tell if you are attractive guy quiz will help you get to know more about yourself and things you need to improve to be liked by the woman of your dreams. Every man wants to be with a beautiful woman with brains, and skills, and who is not helpless. For example, if you want to be with such a girl, you need to coincide and offer her something she does not have so far. Give her what no other man can give. To do it, you should know what you have. This is the main point of passing the how attractive are you quiz.

Being aware of your benefits will assist you in presenting yourself in the best way for her. No girl would hesitate to date a guy who is confident about himself. If your charming lady is worth dating, you should start by finding out the vast majority of the info about you. We are not talking about your diplomas, but we are talking about the way you present yourself with those diplomas, for example.

Every good self-presentation is a guarantee of success. So if you want to present yourself to your beautiful lady the best, pass the how physically attractive are you quiz to know what to include in your presentation.

Few signs of how to know if you are an attractive guy for girls:

  • Girls often smile at you when they see you. They laugh at every joke you say.
  • Women listen to you attentively and nod when you talk to them expressing respect and attention.
  • Females flirt with you in public places and drop unambiguous hints that they want to spend a night with you if you do not mind.
  • If women know what your favorite food is, they are always trying to feed you with it and bring it with care and a gentle smile on their faces.

These are only a few signs of how to know how attractive you are to girls. With the help of the how attractive are you quiz, you will be asked to answer several easy questions to help you figure it out completely.

Wonder what new will you know about yourself with the how attractive are you test?

We tend to think that we know ourselves just like no one else does. According to Adam Grant, ¨When it comes to yourself, you´re the most biased judge of all.¨ He mentions that romantic partners and close friends might also be more informed about you than you are. So passing such a how to tell if you are attractive guy quiz is a must.

Wonder how to tell if you are an attractive guy?

There are 2 main criteria to check out whether a person considers you to be an attractive guy. On the one hand, you should be physically attractive. On the other hand, you will have to be emotionally attractive.

What is emotional attractiveness?

Sometimes we might like another person not focusing on their physical features. It is about the way of spending time together when you feel completely accepted and understood.

According to Cindy Lamothe, there are several signs that show you that you are emotionally attractive. Let´s review them in detail:

  • If you feel that a person ¨gets¨ you no matter what you are talking about and how you behave. It is possible to talk about emotional attractiveness if you are able to see other people and understand their emotions. You do not necessarily have to be a psychologist to do it.
  • If you constantly think about a certain person and they do the same, you might be emotionally attracted to each other. Once you are dreaming about dating a specific woman or willing to spend your whole life with her, you are emotionally attracted to each other.
  • You have long conversations. Your plans might be different and you are ready to postpone them if you are keeping in touch with a girl who seems to be emotionally attracted to you and for whom you are a number one guy.
  • She likes your qualities. If a girl or woman keeps talking about you with other girls or women, you are attracted to her on an emotional level. Therefore, she does not hide her feelings and shares them with other people.
  • You have common values. If you like each other emotionally, you might have synchronized values. In other words, you are ready to build a bond that will have a long-term perspective.
  • You never get bored. No way you are going to feel sick and tired of being with a person who emotionally likes you. You feel the connection and want to always experience this feeling with your partner.
  • You are okay being vulnerable with that person. You trust such a person so much that you are ready to reveal your insecurities to each other without being afraid that they will use them against you or revenge on you.

Apart from being emotionally attractive, it is worth mentioning a few facts about physical attractiveness. Being physically attractive means even more for your partner than being emotionally attractive sometimes. It means that you will have to take care of your body and the way you look to draw the attention of the right person to enter your life and help you get rid of solitude. So how attractive are you really?

Does physical attractiveness matter?

According to Weeden and Sabini, physical attractiveness may serve as a gatekeeper. If a person considers you to be attractive physically, he or she is more likely to start a relationship with you, if only you match the following criteria:

  • Appropriate age – If you belong to a group of a certain age that your partner prefers in bed the most, you are more likely to start a relationship with her. Do not even try to be liked by a woman who is inappropriate for you in terms of age due to her priorities.
  • Health – Everybody is looking for a partner who is healthy, does not have bad habits, and with whom you will not need to live near a hospital. Therefore, try to keep your health in a good condition, and you will be treated as an attractive guy by the vast majority of females.
  • Ability to reproduce – The availability to make babies is a number one priority for each woman because everyone wants to have kids. If you have several reproductive problems, you would better visit a specialist and fix them.

Is appearance important?

The thing that matters the most when the opposite sex views us and decides whether they want to be with us, all factors matter, and it takes them less than 3 seconds to decide whether to start a relationship with you or not, according to the scientists. It is the first impression that matters the most. So if a woman realizes that she likes you both physically and emotionally for the first 3 seconds she sees you, your relationship will have a future.

To sum up, if you want to understand whether a specific girl likes you and how much she gives you on the scale of physical attractiveness, you would better take your time to pass the test. If you want to figure out how to know if you are an attractive man, slow down for a while and prioritize yourself. It would be awesome to get expert feedback from professional psychologists regarding your physical attractiveness. The more you know about yourself now, the more equipped you will be the next time you see a nice girl to date.

Go ahead and take the how attractive are you quiz and boost your confidence! Knowing where you are right now and where you want to be will save a lot of time for you.

How Attractive Are You On The 1-10 Scale?