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How Jealous Are You?

12 Questions

What Is the Main Reason to Pass a Jealous Test?

Some people say that it is okay to be jealous while others cannot stand it when their partner is jealous of you. What about you? Are you a jealous person? The best way to know it is through passing a jealous test. If you manage to take this jealousy test, you will make sure about your potential reactions in a relationship and avoid many problems.

According to Charlotte Lieberman, “jealousy in a relationship is not necessarily a bad thing”. She claims that there are some areas in which it is quite normal to show that you are jealous of a certain person. For example, when you are at a party with your partner and she keeps on flirting with someone else, trying to keep the conversation going. Lieberman claims that even if you feel pain because of that, jealousy is okay as soon as you can talk to your partner and clarify everything.

The main idea is that jealousy is a sign of love and when you feel jealous about someone it means that you care. If you were ignorant about your partner, you would not feel anything. Therefore, it is quite normal to be jealous from time to time.
According to Robin Stern, Ph.D., jealousy is an emotion when you feel you have fear of losing someone. So it would be possible to assume that having a phobia of losing someone is not very good. Therefore, being too jealous means having too much fear of losing someone which is rather intimidating.

To sum up, when not being jealous at all is terrible as well as being jealous too much as long as it means you are just scared of the potential heartbreak. It would be nice if you mind the balance and stick to the idea to care about your partner and value her, but do not control her too much. If she goes for a vacation with her friends, it is too early to load the gun. You would better take a jealous test and figure out your current degree of jealousy in you.

Why should one take how jealous are you test?

It is very advantageous to be aware of how jealous are you right now. If you do not want to end up like Othello and Desdemona, you would better make you have some peace of mind about your jealous state. Some people indeed think that they are not jealous at all until they catch their partner messaging someone else. This is when the jealousy would wake up.

Before it is too late and you start to behave inadequately with your partner being pathologically jealous about her, you would better take how jealous are you test to make sure you are a normal guy. Even if you are a little bit too much jealous, you can still work on your character and control your emotion. As it was mentioned above, jealousy is just one more emotion that we can always react adequately to and rule.

What is the main aim to take the are your jealous test?

If you want to be calm and trust your partner, you should know where you are today. In other words, you would better be aware of the fact whether you are a jealous person or not before even starting a relationship. Sometimes the soul is like deep waters and you do not know what is inside of it. If you pass are you jealous test, you will know what is hidden behind the curtain.

Therefore, you should not hesitate and pass a jealous test as soon as possible. When you realize that you are a normal guy with a normal level of jealousy in your character, you should tell to your partner and be proud of yourself. Even if you are not as perfect as well as the vast majority of men are, there is a way out. You can always control your emotions and learn how to deal with your fearful thoughts. A professional psychologist will help you to vanish all your fears and trust your partner more.

How to take a jealous test online?

To take this test, you should answer 12 easy questions from the list. There are several options to choose from, but not more than 4. It will take you 10-15 minutes to take the jealous test online. If only you had this time to spend on yourself as well as a desire to know more about your personality.

When you realize that there might be something wrong with your jealousy and you blame your partner for infidelity, it is time to take a test and get to know what might be wrong with you. It is nice if everything is okay with you, but if not, who would help you? When you pass the test, you will, at least, know how to deal with what you have now.

Feel free to take a how jealous are you test and find out the wildest corners of your heart and soul. To get rid of any potential fears and mistrust, you should slow down for a while and take a jealous test. Your happiness and understanding depend on your decision today because if you want to be a leader in a relationship, you should make sure it is based on trust and acceptance of each other.

So you can pass a jealous test now and set yourself finally free! We wish you good luck on your way to being happy and in love with your charming lady. Hope that you take courage, breathe in and out, and get rid of your potential fears.

How Jealous Are You?

12 Questions. Do you feel like Othello when you smell out the threat that your female is being preyed on by other males? Or do you agree that we are all polygamous being unable to avoid a new temptation? Probably, you do not care about fidelity at all? Psychologists assess jealousy as a very controversial phenomenon. On the one hand, along with envy, this is a natural feeling for people who have siblings and have competed for the attention and praise of parents. Jealousy may be a way to tell that someone is valuable and significant to you. On the other hand, excessive pathological jealousy, reduced to paranoia, makes the relationship unbearable for both partners. Check your level of jealousy right now and get some expert tips if you suffer from it.