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Which High School Stereotype Are You, Really?

Which High School Stereotype Are You, Really?


Which High School Stereotype Am I?

Are you sexy and I know it types or are you a typical nerd? Check out your stereotype with the help of the which high school stereotype are you quiz. The more you know about your role in society, the more successful you will be with girls and find the right one to please your desires sooner.

Knowing your high school stereotype is vital. You can be a typical forever-alone person and think that you will never find a girlfriend, but if you think this way, you are the wrong friend. You can always find a person just like you to be happy together. Look at animals: monkeys have sex with monkeys, dogs with dogs, and squirrels hang out with squirrels. If you find a person just like you according to your high school stereotype, you will live happily ever after and have peace of mind.

Which are the high school stereotypes?

According to Chris Drew, there are 19 typical high school stereotypes:

  • The Jocks – Those who participate in sports activities.
  • The Nerds – Those who prefer studying the most.
  • The Popular Boys- Girls are dreaming about such guys.
  • The Band Geeks – Those who play in a high school band.
  • The Theater Kids – Creative and expressive but are not treated as cool kids by others.
  • The Rebel – Those who always have a different opinion and are fighting against the norms.
  • The Overachiever – Those who want to get all the best awards and participate in every school activity to get them.
  • The Slacker – They skip school and doing homework, and do not think about their future too much.
  • The Know-It-All – They know the answers to all the questions the teacher may ask.
  • The Loner – These people do not like the company of others and prefer to stay alone.
  • The Class Clown – People often laugh at the jokes of these guys.
  • The Teacher´s Pet – Those students like to please every teacher by raising their hands.
  • The Artsy Kid – Those kids are very artistic and talented but their peers do not respect them.
  • The Misfits – Punks, Emos, and Goths – All the extraordinary thinkers belong to this category of students who like to be different.
  • The Hipsters – Typical non-conformists who like the culture of the 1950s belong to this group.
  • The Skaters – Those guys like skating around the school.
  • The Christians – These people are believers in God but can be too judgmental to others.
  • The Hippies – These guys like all the best things the world can give them such as peace, love, and understanding.
  • The Floaters – These guys do not belong to any of the groups and might be friends of students from other categories.

We guess it would be interesting for you to participate in taking the which high school stereotype are you quiz. You will get to know lots of details about yourself. Remember, that once you are an adult, you are still a child inside with a similar way of thinking, behavior, skills, talents, mind, and beliefs. So take your time to pass this interesting and funny quiz to know more about yourself. Socrates said ¨Know thyself¨ because true wisdom is knowing what you do not know.

Go ahead and take this quiz right now!

Which High School Stereotype Are You, Really?