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Will You Take Or Give In A Relationship?

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Is It Okay to Sacrifice in a Relationship?

Many people think that it is much more pleasant to give presents, but what about the way you feel when you accept a gift? How do you often feel? Isn´t it more satisfying to give than to take? Let´s find the answers together and review some experts´ articles.
According to expert blogger Sylvia Smith, sacrifice is “paramount if you want to go the distance“. As she mentions, the study proved that there is a correlation between sacrificing and relationship satisfaction. In other words, the more you give in a relationship, the happier you feel. However, isn´t it against the logic to be happier with giving?

Indeed we do feel good when someone pays for us in a restaurant. However, scientists claim that we feel even better when we do it by ourselves. This means, that if you give alms to a beggar, you will feel more pleased than if you did then nothing and judge yourself for doing this. However, this is another side of the problem. The main idea is that we are designed the way to get pleasure when we consciously dedicate our time,m energy, money, effort, presents, and service to others.

To add more, when we sacrifice, we activate certain areas in our brain that are responsible for satisfaction and happiness. So we do feel pleased when we give something to others. If you want to check whether you are more like a giver than a taker, you would better take your time to pass the test.

Why is it essential to both give and take in a relationship?

According to Lidiya Kesarovska, the creator and founder of “Let´s Reach Success”, it is very important to mind the balance between giving and taking in a relationship. You cannot be truly happy if you are not able to do both accepting and sacrificing. She provides the readers with 5 ways to have to give and take relationship:

  • Conversation
  • Mutual help
  • Giving compliments
  • Accepting flows
  • Giving space

Firstly, you can exchange your energy through a simple talk. When you speak to each other you should both listen and answer. Holding long monologues might be toxic and too egoistic. Secondly, you serve each other just by giving mutual help to each other. As a result, you have a win-win repercussion. Paying compliments is a must in every healthy relationship because everyone likes to be praised and appreciated. As long as people are not perfect, we should be able to accept each other the way we are with all our highs and lows. Giving freedom to each other is essential to mind the give and take balance in a healthy relationship.

Why should I pass a test to check if I am a giver or a taker?

To be in tune with your partner you are recommended to pass such a test. Some people like only to give while others like only to receive. It is not bad, however, you should have a partner that seems to be equal to you. Once you pass such a test, you will be able to make the right conclusions and focus on the right people to come into your life.

Take a test to check what sacrifice truly means to you and whether you are more like a taker than a giver. It is possible to do it right now, so do not procrastinate and take a 10-questions test ASAP!

Will You Take Or Give In A Relationship?

12 Questions

Do you always lend a helping hand or slam the door on those who ask you something? Are you able to sacrifice what’s important for you? Do you tend to think that you don’t get enough from people? Or maybe, you typify a healthy mix of give&take in your relationship?

This test will help you to develop a better understanding of yourself, identify your selfish and altruistic impulses and roll out some relevant tips. Give your sincere answers for a reliable result!